Flexible Packaging Films
Reverse Printed Laminates
Polyester / BOPP film is printed in reverse as per the design in multicolors. The printed polyester is pasted (laminated) to heat sealable film with help of adhesive. The heat sealable film used is as per customer's need.

Types of Heat Sealable Films (Thickness varies with application)

  • Polyethelene (multilayer)
  • BOPP
  • CPP
  • Pearlised BOPP
  • Metalised BOPP
  • Metalised Polyester Polyethelene
  • Al. Foil Polyethelene
  • Surface Printed Films

  • Metalised Polyester
  • Polyethelene
  • BOPP
  • Glassine Paper Poly
  • Poster Paper Poly
  • Pearlised BOPP
  • Filter Paper
  • Multilayer Films
  • Monolayer Films
  • Polypropelene
  • Shrink grade polyethelene
  • Shrink grade PVC
  • Specific grade films as per customer's need.