Semi Automatic Bottling Plant
Brushing & Rinsing Machine
  • Brushing unit consists of four brushes two on either side
  • Two Rinsing units, each comprising twelve rinsing jets and one  One-way Valve.
  • Large S.S. / M.S. / G.I. / Aluminium Soaking Tank is offered with the machine, as per the customer's requirement.
Mini Hydro-Jet Washing Machine
  • Fabricated entirely from Stainless Steel.
  • Two Washing Zones, each having three Rinsing Jets.
  • Nylon Bottle-holder to accommodate bottle of any shape and size
  • High Pressure Centrifugal Pumps are fitted to the machine to give scoring effect to Jet Sprays.
  • Filters are used for recycling of rinsed water.
Unscrambler / Scrambler
  • Unscrambler is available with 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm Stainless Steel Rotary Table, as per customer's requirement, to feed all types of containers into a single row
  • Rotary Scrambler is available in 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm diameter to accommodate or store containers between the machines and to collect finished packs at the end of the line.
  • Variable Speed Drive.
Gumming Machine
  • Suitable for applying controlled and uniform coating of gum on the labels to avoid excess oozing of gum while fixing it on the bottles.

Packing Belt Conveyor
  • Packing Tables are offered at the end of a line for hand packing.
  • PVC-coated Canvas Belt (4", 6", 9" or 12" wide) carries the containers between the Stainless Steel / Sunmica Table Tops.
Horizontal Type Filter Press
  • Fitted with Centrifugal / Low / Gear Pump.
  • Suitable for filtering Medicated Syrups / Suspensions / Liquor / Edible Oils / Fruit Juices etc.
  • S.S. Perforated Screen Filter Media and interlocking cup is provided.

Semi Automatic Bottle Sealing Machine
  • Suitable for sealing standard ROPP / RO / Aluminium Tear-off Caps on vials / bottles and Triple Seals for Glucose Saline on to the necks of bottles.
  • Driven by Kirloskar Make Geared Motor.
  • 'LT' Direct-online Starter is provided
  • Bottle Resting Tray is made from  Stainless Steel, fitted with rubber Shock Absorbing Pad.
  • Adjustable Arm Assembly to accomodate all sizes of Seals.

Label Gumming Machine (Auto Feed)
  • Automatic Label feeding and infinite speed can be adjusted between 10 labels to 70 labels per minute depending on size of labels.
  • Gumming Roller width 150 mm. and is driven by 0.1HP., 230 V., A.C. Electric Geared Motor having output R.P.M. 75
Overall Dimension: 450x400x225 mm.
Weight                 : 16 Kg
Automatic Batch Printing Machine only for Labels
  • It is most useful to fast growing reputed Pharmaceutical concern, who needs thousands of Labels per day.
  • Main features of the machine are Automatic feeding, quick & easy adjustment, easy controls, accurate registering, uniform impression and high speed.
Printing Speed 120, 180 & 250 Labels / min.
Label Size  in mm Max 200x150
Min 50x20
Composing Materials Standard metal types or Rubber stereos
Drive Motor 0.25 HP., 3 Phase 1440 R.P.M.
Overall Dimension 407x512x407mm
Weight 80 kg
Our motive is one of continuous development and improvements  and we reserve the right to alter dimensions and specifications without prior notice