Capsule Polishing Machine
Feeding Section:
This section consists of Stainless Steel Hopper, a Stainless Steel Vibrator and a Stainless Steel drug powder collector. As the capsules pass through the vibrator some amount of drug powder gets collected in the Stainless Steel collector because of vibration.

Inspection Section
This section  consists of a conveyor belt with variable speed drive; lighting from above to inspect the capsules. The capsules move on the conveyor belt. While moving they revolve around their axis due to the angular guide. This total visual inspection can be undertaken by the operator to sort out faulty capsules. The faulty capsules are picked up manually by pluckers or by hand.

Polishing Section
This section consists of two Stainless Steel chambers fitted with a filter cloth; a revolving variable speed spiral nylon brush; stainless steel powder collector and vacuum dust collector. The capsules travel from one end of the brush to the other end. During this travel they are subjected to roll  in between the Nylon bristles and Filter cloth. In this course the powder on capsules and at the edge are removed and sucked by the Dust collector. The capsules coming out of the chute are thoroughly polished, glossy and clean.

Output 40,000 to 60,000 capsules per Hour
Drive Motor:
i) Inspection section 1/2 HP
ii) Polishing section 1 HP
iii) Vibrator 230 V, Single Phase
Width of inspection belt 6"
Space required 170x90x170 cm.
No. of Operators 1
No. of polishing chambers 2
Our motive is one of continuous development and improvements  and we reserve the right to alter dimensions and specifications without prior notice