FFS Pneumatic - Impulse Type - Double head for Liquids/ Oils /Vanaspati etc.
Pneumatically operated volumetric filler with SS/MS painted outer case, double head for products like Edible Oils, Ghee, Vanaspati, Honey, Paints, Lubricants etc.


  • Film end detector
  • Pouch Counter
  • Photoelectric Control  can be provided for print registration
  • Quick changeover of packing capacity
  • All contact parts of stainless steel
  • Easy maintenance
  • Advance impulse heat sealing technology for better quality of seals
Technical Specifications:
Product Application Viscous Liquids
Dosage (Vol./Unit) Upto 1Kg./1ltr.
Average output (pouches/hr) 1600 - 1800
Compressed Air (kg/cm2) 6(90 PSI)
Air Consumption(m3 /hr) 40
Electric Supply 415 ± 5%, 3Ø, 50Hz
Power Consumption (KW/hr) 4
Cooling Water (ltr/hr) 100(at 200C)
Film Material Virgin/Supported
Sealing System Impulse/Direct heat
Feeding Head Volumetric
Our motive is one of continuous development and improvements  and we reserve the right to alter dimensions and specifications without prior notice