Volumetric Cup Filler
The cup filler is a semiautomatic machine which will dose a predetermined quantity of tea / coffee or free flowing granules / powders in pouches /containers. The cup dosing device is still the most economical way to volume dose quantities of products for packing.

With the same dosing device (with telescopic cups) you can pack different products and different sizes , attaching the reduction device to the cups and varying the bottom rotating plate by means of vertical axial movement .The density variation from batch to batch,  can be taken care off with the help of telescopic cup arrangement provided.

Contact parts are made of stainless steel with output ranging from 20 fills  to 40  fills / min. depending upon the operator.

Containers / boxes / pouches / stand up packs / zippper bags or any other container can be filled by this dosing device. The motor installed is of 1/4 HP, single phase / three phase , 50 Hz.

Drop Counter to achieve higher range in packing.

Packing range
 5 gms to 50 gms , 100-1000 gms, 500-5000 gms. Higher range in grammage also made as per requirement of customers.

Our motive is one of continuous development and improvements  and we reserve the right to alter dimensions and specifications without prior notice