Form Fill and Seal Machine-Mechanical Impulse Type with Dosing Pump

RAKSHA Automatic Liquid Packaging Machine is widely used for packaging various liquid products such as Water, Juices, Milk, Soya Drink, Ice Cream and other liquid products. The machine is highly recommended to pack in virgin / laminated films. The machine is durable and easy to maintain. It can work for 24 hours if desired.

Technical Parameters: 
Production Rate 2000-2400 Sachets Per hour
Pouch Length Step less Adjustment of Sachet
Nylon Width 50mm - 350mm
Alternate sizes can be made on order.
Precision +/- 2%
Power 220V / 1.3KW / Single Phase / 50Hz
Weight 500Kg
  • Sterilizes the water with U.V. Light.
  • Sterilizes the packing film with U.V. Light.
  • Forms the packing film into Sachets.
  • Drags the packing film in line.
  • Fills the Sachet to required volume.
  • Seals the Sachet vertically and horizontally and drops it.
  • Prints Date of Production, Batch Number and Expiry Date on Sachet.
  • Counts produced number of pouches automatically.

  • Machine stops immediately as packing film roll gets finished.

  • Easy to operate.

  • Operator is protected from accident by a safety guards.

  • Wet sealing horizontal copper block is protected against water splash.
Our motive is one of continuous development and improvements  and we reserve the right to alter dimensions and specifications without prior notice