Automatic Form - Fill & Seal Machine-Mechanical-Impulse Type-Full Cover


a) Photocell Arrangement
b) Batch Coding Device
c) Gas Flushing Arrangement
d) Batch Cutting Device
e) Level Controller or Sensing Device
f) Pouch Counter
g) UV Lamp
h) SS / MS Body 
i) Full Cover
j) Double Head / Single Head



  • Conducts integrated operation from measuring , bag making, filling , sealing and cutting to packaging using supported / unsupportedpacking films.
  • With photocell apparatus as optional it is suitable to pack liquids, granules, tablets, oil, snack food, tea, powder etc.
  • Feeding head can be Cup / Auger / Weigh metric / Gravimetric fillers.
  • Machine is motorized and does not need compressed air, hence reduces machine cost and operational cost. Occupies less floor area.
  • Sturdy, with all contact parts of stainless steel.
  • Arrangement to print batch no., price, date of manufacturing etc. at a very low operational cost.
  • Maximum versatility in packaging size and style.
  • Both double head and single head models available. 
Filling Range 50 to 1000 gms or ml
Weight 450 kg
Electricity 220 V, 50 Hz, single phase
Peak Power Rating 4 KVA
Power Consumption 1 KW/hr
Cooling Water 15oc to 20oc
Water Consumption Upto 100 Ltr/hr
Machine Dimension 1500x800x830(mm)
Filling Head Gravimetric / Weigh metric /Volumetric etc.


Our motive is one of continuous development and improvements  and we reserve the right to alter dimensions and specifications without prior notice